Spring Styling Tips: A How To


Now that Alicia and I have finished our Spring Styling Tips Series, we thought it’d be fun to each pick one of each others styling tips and recreate the look. I love recreating looks using pieces from my closet, so I had a lot of run with this one. Of course everything isn’t going to be exactly the same, but that’s the whole point! Showing that YOU can easily recreate our looks too! 

The look I chose to recreate was Alicia’s Spring Layers look. Here’s her look….

Spring Layering

And here’s how I recreated it….

1. Start With a Cool “Bottom Layer”

Springs Layers

For the bottom layer, Alicia suggested going with something cool enough for the warmest temps of the day. She suggested something like the mark. Easy Does It Romper, shorts, tank, ect. Since I don’t have the romper in my closet, I chose a pair of navy boyfriend roll up shorts to keep the colors similar. Then since I was wearing separate pieces, rather than the one piece romper, I decided to go with a navy and white polka dot top rather than a solid navy top for visual interest.


2. It’s All About The Fabric

Spring Layers 10

For this step, Alicia suggested layering lightweight fabrics over the bottom layer so they don’t look bulky and out of season. Lucky for me, I actually have the exact same blazer as Alicia! That’s because it’s a mark blazer from a few years back. The blazer is definitely light weight and the perfect color for Spring.

Spring Layers5


3. Layer More Than One Layer

Spring Layers 4

Next Alicia suggested layering more than one layer because it not only gives your look more dimension, but it’s also functional. It gives you one more layer in the cool early morning and allows you to remove layers as the day warms up. I actually ended up wearing this look the rest of the day after doing the shoot just cuz I loved the look so much! It was a cooler day so I removed the blazer and just wore the look with the chambray button up.

Spring Layers 8


4. Spring Neutrals Layer Nicely

Spring Layers 3

Alicia recommended that if you’re going with multiple layers, to keep them in the same color family. She said by keeping a like color scheme, it will keep you looking put together rather than hodge podge. She said you could add a print, but keep it in the same color family. I did this by adding the polka dot print top. As I said early, the top is navy and white, so I’m keeping things in the same color family with it. As Alicia also said, leopard is also a neutral. I added a leopard flat to the look like she did. I love how they add a lil visual interest to the look without looking crazyish.

Spring Layers 6


5. Layer Your Spring Accessories

Spring Layers 7

Now is the time Alicia says to bust out the Spring Accessories! Things like straw hats, beachy bracelets and shimmering spring accessories. Since the Twice as Nice Necklace Set, Cube Affects Necklace and bracelet Alicia is wearing in her look are by mark, I happen to have the same ones in my jewelry collection, so I decided to add the same pieces for my look. Then I also added the mark Tool Around Ring Set and a watch cuz I ALWAYS have to wear a watch! Then I added my straw fedora hat to top things off like Alicia did.

Spring Layers 9

Polka Dot Top – Poshmark / Fedora | Chambray Button Up – DownEast / Boyfriend Roll Up Short –  Old Navy / Leopard Flats – Shoe Carnival /  Necklaces | Watch | Bracelet | Rings | Blazer – mark


Alicia’s How To

Alicia also chose to recreate my Spring Layers look using the mark Luck of the Drawstring Anorak and mark Four Seasons Scarf. The jacket and scarf are perfect for the cooler mornings. Then they can easily be removed once the temperatures rise!

Styling Tips 2

I LOVE how the jacket and scarf style beautifully together along with her neutral bottom layer. The deep purples in the top really make the purples in the scarf just pop!

Styling Tips

See more pics and read how Alicia recreated my look over on her blog, Word of Alicia.




Casual Friday

Just cuz its casual Friday, it doesn’t mean t-shirt and jeans. Think of it more as semi-casual with a pair of jeans and a nice top. My lifestyle is pretty casual, so my outfits everyday tend to be semi-casual. If you work in a place where it’s more of a business look everyday during the week, you don’t want to go from a business look to t-shirt and jeans. That’s way too drastic of a change, plus a t-shirt and jeans just looks unprofessional.

Casual Friday 2

Try a flowy top with a chambray button up layered over the top. Then for a lil more visual interest add a printed knit scarf layered with a long pendant necklace.

Casual Friday 5

For a fun look to my hair and to just keep it out of my face, I did a partial French braid on the side. I then pinned it in place with a couple bobby pins. I really like the way it turned out and just might have to do that more often!

Casual Friday 4

To keep the look on the casual side, I paired it with a distressed pair of motto jeans (my fave these days) and my Chuck Taylors. Chuck Taylors (or Converse) are always a great way to take a look to the casual side. They add a bit of funkiness to your look and are a lil more dressy than just your average pair of sneakers.

Casual Friday 6

To add a final touch of coolness, I’m LOVIN the new Throw Some Shade Sunglasses by mark. The tortoiseshell frame is super chic and the frame shape is super flattering for any face! They make it easy to get your cool on!

Throw Some Shade Sunglasses

Casual Friday 3 Casual Friday

Top | Scarf – Poshmark / Button Up – DownEast / Necklace | Rings | Earrings |Sunglasse – mark / Jeans – Roolee / Chuck Taylors – Delia’s



Flower Power

Well Spring has finally sprung (officially that is, it’s actually been spring weather here for awhile now). So that means it’s time to break out the spring floral prints! YAY!!!

I was never that big on floral prints until this last spring when florals were a HUGE trend for the season. Now I LOVE them!!! I think I had just never found the right floral print for me!

I’m SO excited to start wearing my floral pants again. They have such a fun print and just put me in a good mood.

My favorite way to style floral pants is with a chambray top (of course). The chambray is the perfect neutral. Then I added a pair of oxford flats for a cool, chic feel.

I also pinned my hair back with one of the Hold It Right There Pins by mark to add some springy color and interest to my hair.

Spring Florals 3

Spring Florals 4

Spring Florals

Spring Florals 2

Chambray Button Up – DownEast / Floral Pants – Bella Me Boutique / Watch | Bracelets | Hair Pin – mark / Oxford Shoes – Poshmark

Spring Gingham

When the temperature is chilly, but I’m craving the spring colors, that’s when it’s time to break out the pale pink gingham!

As you can see from the snow on the ground, the weather is still a lil too cold to be wearing just a light weight top, so I paired the pale pink gingham with a striped blazer for an extra layer of warmth.

I was going for a business casual look, so I went with a pair of dark wash denim. The dark wash of the denim makes them more dressy, while the denim puts them on the casual side.

To keep the look more casual I added a pair of brown booties and cuffed my jeans. Then to keep the look from being too casual, I accessorized with the mark Clear Choice Necklace and gold skinny belt.


Sopring Gingham 4

Spring Gingham 3

Spring Gingham

Spring Gingham 2

Striped Blazer | Gingham Button Up – Old Navy / Jeans – DownEast (Only available in their Home and Clothing Store / Booties – Poshmark / Necklace | Watch | Belt – mark

Dressing Down Sequins

If you happened to buy yourself some sequins during the Christmas Holiday season, today I’m sharing how to get more use out of them. Sequins don’t have to be a once a year thing. You CAN wear them year round by just dressing them down.

Denim and chambray are an INSTANT way to dress down sequins. I did that with a denim jacket paired with my sequin pencil skirt. If you have a sequin top, you can use the same concept by pairing it with a pair of denim jeans.

To add a lil visual interest, I added navy and white polka dot top. Navy and white are both neutrals so they pair perfectly with the champaign sequin skirt.

The neutral, casual colors of the mark Sassy Stepper Pumps are perfect for dressing the sequins down. If you want to dress it down even more, you could go with a flat shoe in a similar style and color tone instead.

Finally, I accessorized my look by layering two long pendant necklaces. The longer necklace looked better with the jacket cuz the jacket just hid the shorter necklace I tried on. The longer pendant was able to just dangle in the opening of the jacket. My lil 5 year old Primary class at church really liked these necklaces cuz “it’s actually a REAL WORKING mini magnifying glass” (that’s what one of the lil boys told me). Not sure I’ll be able to wear it to church again cuz I was afraid it was going to get broken cuz they all wanted to try it out.

Sequins 3

Sequins 4

Sequins 2

Sequins 5


Denim Jacket | Sequin Skirt – DownEast / Polka Dot Top – Poshmark / Pumps | Watch | Ring | Necklaces – mark

Layering Up

With spring being just around the corner, yet it’s still chilly outside in the mornings and sometimes afternoons, I’m in the mood to be adding springy colors to my looks but still needing to layer up. That’s why I chose to a style periwinkle chiffon top with a cardigan. The top gave me the spring color I’ve CRAVING these days, and the cardigan added the extra layer that I needed! I like how neutral colors of the cardigan don’t compete with the color of the top, just compliment it.

Ideally I think this outfit would have looked best with a pair of leggings rather than denim jeans, but I was outta time to get out the door and get headed to work. So denim jeans it was! The cognac color of the boots was a perfect lighter color for my spring color craving and then the boots also helped with keeping my lil toes warm (they get cold pretty easy).

P.S. Not sure why my eyes always end up looking squinty when I’m wearing my glasses. I SWEAR they are open!

Layering Up

Layering Up 2

Layering Up 3

Top | Jeans – DownEast / Boots – Delias / Cardigan | Watch | Necklace – mark

Navy and White Striped Maxi

Maxi’s are always fun to wear cuz they’re long and flowy and make you look and feel amazing! Yet they’re super comfy like an ol’ pair of sweats! So basically you can go out in public looking super awesome, yet feeling super comfy and relaxed!

I’d been on the search for a navy and white striped maxi skirt, but hadn’t found one that fit what I was looking for. That was until I accidentally came across this one on a recent Walmart trip. Best part? It was just 12 BUCKS!!! Woo Hoo!!! Score!!!

I wanted to style the skirt different from the traditional way of styling a maxi (tee and denim jacket or cardi), so I decided to go with a chambray button up instead. Not that I don’t like the traditional way of styling a maxi cuz I’m sure I’ll do that one of these days, I just wanted to stretch myself and think outside the box. I really like how it turned out! Still a comfy casual feel with a lil bit of chicness added in!

Normally my FAVE shoes to wear with a maxi are a flat sandal, but since today winter decided to come back for a visit after our 50 degree temps the past few weeks (it’s pretty cold and windy out today), I decided to go with a leopard flat instead. Besides in winter I kinda take a break from always having my toes prettily painted (not that they look bad or anything, they’re just not painted), so they’re not quite sandal ready anyway.

What’s your favorite way to style a maxi?

navy maxi 3

Navy Maxi 4

Navy maxi

navy maxi 2

Top – DownEast / Maxi Skirt – Walmart / Flats – Poshmark / Necklace | Rings | Watch | Bracelet – mark


Crop Top Illusion

I’m normally not a fan of the crop top. Mainly because my stomach is what I consider one of my problem areas that I don’t want to draw attention to. Plus I REALLY don’t what to bear my stomach for the whole world to see, it’s just not me.

With that said, I really liked the modern look and feel of the All Across Town Dress by mark so I decided to give it a shot. I love that the crop top is only an illusion of a crop top. Attached to the dress and no stomach area actually exposed. I also like the color of the dress. Army and olive greens are two of my favorite neutral colors. They are colors that can be easily dressed up or down.

All Across Town Dress 3

I chose to go with more of a casual feel. Wearing studded flats with an ankle strap, stacking wrap bracelets with a watch and an edgy feel necklace.

All Across Town Dress 8


All Across Town Dress 11

I also like the fun detail the ruching on the sleeves adds.

All Across Town Dress 7

The high-low effect is very popular right now too. The cropped top on this dress has that effect which I think makes the hem line look more pleasing to the eye.

All Across Town Dress 6


All Across Town Dress 5

All Across Town Dress

Dress, Watch – mark; Bracelets – Avon; Necklace – DownEast; Shoes – Payless



1 Piece, 4 Ways: mark. Dot Noir Blouse

For this edition of the 1 Piece, 4 Ways series, I’m styling the new mark. Dot Noir Blouse. This is a great top that is VERY versatile cuz it can be styled from very casual to very dressy and everywhere in between.

Since the lighting in my outfit pics don’t show the details on the top, I want to start by sharing with you an close up of just the blouse. I took the pic in direct sunlight so the subtle dots would show.

mark Dot Noir Blouse

The fabric on the blouse is a black chiffon. The dots have a satiny sheen to them, but they are also chiffon. I like how subtle the dots are. They give you a fun pattern without it being overpowering, making it easy to mix patterns in your outfit. The top is fully lined so you don’t have to worry about anything showing through.

First on the list, I’m going very casual with the top. Pairing it with medium wash denim, leopard flats and a simple necklace.

Dot Noir Blouse

Top, Necklace, Makeup, Hair Products – mark; Denim Jeans – DownEast (only available in their Home and Clothing Stores); Flats – Poshmark


Next up, I still styled it very casual, but had a little more fun with the outfit. I paired it with my camo skinnies, cognac booties, wrap watch and a silver bars necklace.

mark. Dot Noir Blouse

Top, Necklace, Watch, Makeup, Hair Products – mark; Camo Skinnies, Booties – Bella Me Boutique Logan


Now I’m going on the dressy side pairing the blouse with wine colored dressy pants, some dressy studded flats and fun long pendant necklaces.

Dot Noir Blouse 2

Top, Pants, Necklaces, Watch, Makeup, Hair Products – mark; Flats – Vinted


For the last outfit I’m going completely dressy pairing the blouse with a striped pencil skirt, adding a skinny belt and black booties.

mark. Dot Noir Blouse 2

Top, Necklace, Belt, Bracelet, Makeup, Hair Products – mark; Skirt – DownEast; Booties – Famous Footwear


And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Here’s all 4 looks side-by-side!

mark Dot Noir Blouse 3

Bargain Shopping

Okay ladies, today I wanna share with you my new way of bargain shopping! Some of you may have already discovered this, but I’m still pretty new it. So you ready for what it is? Shopping Resale!

Up to a few months ago, my thought was Eeew gross, when it came to buying resale pieces. So first let me give you a little bit of background on how I even got started on the resale bargain shopping.

Last fall, my mother-in-law was holding a yard sale and told me if there was anything I was wanting to sell, bring it over. Well, I’d had a HUGE bag of clothes just sitting in my closet I just couldn’t bring myself to donate. They were in great condition, I just no longer wore them and the pile just continued to grow. I decided, what the heck, I’ll give trying to sell them a shot! Turned out I made about $35 that day and still had lots more to sell. So next I decided I’d try selling the rest on a local Facebook Classifieds group. I ended up selling the rest of them pretty quickly and easily and thought “WOW, why have I never done this before”?

After my younger sister heard about the all the clothes I had sold to “strangers”, she was upset at me. She told me “why didn’t you tell me”? I would have bought some of them! So with the help from a friend who had her own Facebook group boutique called JJ’s Simple and Chic Boutiqie, I created my own Facebook Boutique that I call Jill’s Urban Closet Boutique. That way I could easily share what I have for sale with my friends and family and whoever else wants to join my group.

I had been following a page on Facebook called Poshmark, but just thought it was page about fashion. Well, that was until I saw one of their posts one day about selling some of your gently used items from your closet on Poshmark. I just had to try it out! I added all my pieces and started sharing my listings and building followers. I’ve now sold AND bought several things. I was hesitant to buy at first, but then thought, if everyone else is doing it and if they’re in as good of condition as I sell, why not! Plus, I wanted to see how the process works anyway. Poshmark is now my FAVE new place to find a great bargain!

P.S. You can shop my Poshmark Closet here.

When you sell an item on Poshmark, you can either have that money deposited in your account (haven’t done that yet), or you can use it towards purchasing items from someone else (have done that several times).

So I wanna share with you some of my great finds, I thought it would be more fun to style the pieces for you than to just share pics of them. The first piece I purchased from Poshmark was my floral button up for just $9. I love chambray and I liked that it went with this season’s floral trend. Plus, I LOVE polka dots!!!

Floral Button Up

Top – Poshmark  (seller – @pnm0ua), Watch – mark, Pants – Old Navy, Sandals – Payless


Next I found me some cute little leopard flats for $11. I’ve been on the hunt for some cute leopard flats cuz the neutral colors go with pretty much everything. I like how they go perfectly with my striped skirt and mustard sweater.

Leopard Flats

Leopard Flats – Poshmark  (Seller – @ninaa1122), Top – Bella Me Boutique, Skirt, Watch – mark, Chain Bracelet – DownEast, Turqoise and Mint Bracelets – Beyond Beauty


I had also been on the hunt for some cute cognac flats and ended up scoring these Steve Madden flats for just $20! They seem pretty much brand new! I LOVE how they go with ANYTHING! I know what my new go to flats will be!

Cognac Flats

Flats – Poshmark (Seller – @heejeong), Watch, Necklace – mark, Dress – DownEast, Belt – Piperlime, Cardigan – Bella Me Boutique


You can also find brand new items on Poshmark at a GREAT price!

Like these J. Crew Shorts I found for just $16! Retail price for them is $46! A savings of $30!!! WHOOHOO!!! I like the fun coral color of these shorts and that they can be dressed up or down. I’m looking forward to styling them all summer long! For this outfit, I paired them with my Geometric Pattern Wedge from Avon.

Coral Shorts

Shorts – Poshmark (Seller – @rebeccabeach), Chambray Button Up – DownEast, Watch, Necklace, Belt – mark, Wedges – Avon


I also scored this brand new cute little owl dress for just $24! Unfortunately, when it came it was just a lil shorter than I was hoping. I added a chocolate brown slip extender from a local boutique called Tory’s Trends and now I’m good to go!

Owl Dress

Dress – Poshmark (Seller – @valorieann), Cardigan – Walmart  (Bella Bird Line), Belt – Piperlime, Watch, Necklace – mark, Slip Extender – Tory’s Trends, Sandals – Payless


Another place you can shop resale is ThredUp. ThredUp is an online consignment store where people send their gently used items to them and then they will pay the sender a determined amount (determined by ThredUp). Everything sold on ThredUp is sold and shipped by them. I haven’t sent anything to ThredUp yet, but I heard they don’t pay out a whole lot. From what I could tell (they list paid out prices on their site), they average paying you around $2-$3 per top (more for name brand pieces). If you’re wanting to make some quick cash without having to wait for a buyer like on Poshmark, I think this is the way to go. I plan on eventually sending them some of my pieces I have listed at Poshmark if they don’t sell after several months.

At ThredUp I found this adorable mint top for just $9. I like it for my more dressy days. Plus mint is just a HUGE color this season!

Mint Top

Mint Top – ThredUp, Cardigan – Walmart  (Bella Bird Line), Pants, Watch, Bracelet, Necklace – mark, Flats – DownEast (In Store Only)


A couple other Resale Sites you can check out are Vinted and Threadflip. I couldn’t tell ya much about them though.