Dressing Down Sequins

If you happened to buy yourself some sequins during the Christmas Holiday season, today I’m sharing how to get more use out of them. Sequins don’t have to be a once a year thing. You CAN wear them year round by just dressing them down.

Denim and chambray are an INSTANT way to dress down sequins. I did that with a denim jacket paired with my sequin pencil skirt. If you have a sequin top, you can use the same concept by pairing it with a pair of denim jeans.

To add a lil visual interest, I added navy and white polka dot top. Navy and white are both neutrals so they pair perfectly with the champaign sequin skirt.

The neutral, casual colors of the mark Sassy Stepper Pumps are perfect for dressing the sequins down. If you want to dress it down even more, you could go with a flat shoe in a similar style and color tone instead.

Finally, I accessorized my look by layering two long pendant necklaces. The longer necklace looked better with the jacket cuz the jacket just hid the shorter necklace I tried on. The longer pendant was able to just dangle in the opening of the jacket. My lil 5 year old Primary class at church really liked these necklaces cuz “it’s actually a REAL WORKING mini magnifying glass” (that’s what one of the lil boys told me). Not sure I’ll be able to wear it to church again cuz I was afraid it was going to get broken cuz they all wanted to try it out.

Sequins 3

Sequins 4

Sequins 2

Sequins 5


Denim Jacket | Sequin Skirt – DownEast / Polka Dot Top – Poshmark / Pumps | Watch | Ring | Necklaces – mark


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