Fall Fashion Tips: Back to School

Well, it’s officially back to school time and this year it’s a special back to school for me. Not only are ALL my kids now in full-time school, but I am also heading back to finish school. YAY!!! I’m excited and nervous at the SAME TIME!!! Side note on that, this also means I’ll have to push my blog down my priority list, so just a heads up I probably won’t be posting as often as I did last fall and winter. I’m definitely gonna do my best to fit some posts in though cuz I do LOVE sharing my blog with you. It’s kinda my escape time. 🙂


Anyway, Alicia from Word of Alicia and I are BACK sharing our styling tips and for this one we’ve teamed up to bring you our Back to School styling tips cuz who DOESN’T want to look AMAZING as they head back to school (or just for Fall in general).


1. Start With Casual Cool

Start with a casual cool sweatshirt like the mark. Stroke of Luxe Sweatshirt. This sweatshirt is the perfect mix between casual and cool. Casual because it IS a sweatshirt which means it’s SUPER comfy!!! Then to make it Cool, gorgeous embellishments have been added along the sleeve seams. Plus with embellishments on the sleeves, it means no need for any added accessories!!! The perfect throw on and go piece!!!

Stroke of Luxe Sweatshirt 4

 2. Stay on Trend

Stay on trend with an army green skinny pant! Army green is continuing to be a HUGE trend into the Fall. Luckily it pairs perfectly with the mark. Stroke of Luxe Sweatshirt. That’s because grey and army green are both neutrals so they naturally pair really well together. Zippered details on the pockets and ankles add fun visual interest.

Stroke of Luxe Sweatshirt

3. Add Some Print

Add a touch of print with some leopard print sneakers. Leopard is also a neutral just like the grey and army green, but adds a lil more visual interest (plus it’s just a fun print to wear). By-the-way, just because leopard is considered a neutral, you don’t want to over do it. I recommend keeping leopard to just one item in your outfit. In addition to the leopard, the sneakers are also just a great comfy shoe for all your running around.

Leopard Sneakers

Stroke of Luxe Sweatshirt 2

Sroke of Luxe Sweatshirt 3

Top – mark / Pants – H&M / Sneakers – Poshmark (Madden Girl)


Alicia’s Styling Tips:

For a back to school look embrace a new trend but keep it functional with the right accessories and walkable footwear!  A t-shirt dress like the mark. Soft T Dress is the perfect solution when layered up with a plaid shirt, lightweight jewelry and a multi-wear bag like the mark. Draw To A Close bag that can be worn as a sleek back pack that’s way more chic!



I’m loving how Alicia dressed done this dress and made it her own, perfect for both school and the Fall season. For more tips and pics from Alicia, visit her blog at Word Of Alicia.



Spring Styling Tips: A How To


Now that Alicia and I have finished our Spring Styling Tips Series, we thought it’d be fun to each pick one of each others styling tips and recreate the look. I love recreating looks using pieces from my closet, so I had a lot of run with this one. Of course everything isn’t going to be exactly the same, but that’s the whole point! Showing that YOU can easily recreate our looks too! 

The look I chose to recreate was Alicia’s Spring Layers look. Here’s her look….

Spring Layering

And here’s how I recreated it….

1. Start With a Cool “Bottom Layer”

Springs Layers

For the bottom layer, Alicia suggested going with something cool enough for the warmest temps of the day. She suggested something like the mark. Easy Does It Romper, shorts, tank, ect. Since I don’t have the romper in my closet, I chose a pair of navy boyfriend roll up shorts to keep the colors similar. Then since I was wearing separate pieces, rather than the one piece romper, I decided to go with a navy and white polka dot top rather than a solid navy top for visual interest.


2. It’s All About The Fabric

Spring Layers 10

For this step, Alicia suggested layering lightweight fabrics over the bottom layer so they don’t look bulky and out of season. Lucky for me, I actually have the exact same blazer as Alicia! That’s because it’s a mark blazer from a few years back. The blazer is definitely light weight and the perfect color for Spring.

Spring Layers5


3. Layer More Than One Layer

Spring Layers 4

Next Alicia suggested layering more than one layer because it not only gives your look more dimension, but it’s also functional. It gives you one more layer in the cool early morning and allows you to remove layers as the day warms up. I actually ended up wearing this look the rest of the day after doing the shoot just cuz I loved the look so much! It was a cooler day so I removed the blazer and just wore the look with the chambray button up.

Spring Layers 8


4. Spring Neutrals Layer Nicely

Spring Layers 3

Alicia recommended that if you’re going with multiple layers, to keep them in the same color family. She said by keeping a like color scheme, it will keep you looking put together rather than hodge podge. She said you could add a print, but keep it in the same color family. I did this by adding the polka dot print top. As I said early, the top is navy and white, so I’m keeping things in the same color family with it. As Alicia also said, leopard is also a neutral. I added a leopard flat to the look like she did. I love how they add a lil visual interest to the look without looking crazyish.

Spring Layers 6


5. Layer Your Spring Accessories

Spring Layers 7

Now is the time Alicia says to bust out the Spring Accessories! Things like straw hats, beachy bracelets and shimmering spring accessories. Since the Twice as Nice Necklace Set, Cube Affects Necklace and bracelet Alicia is wearing in her look are by mark, I happen to have the same ones in my jewelry collection, so I decided to add the same pieces for my look. Then I also added the mark Tool Around Ring Set and a watch cuz I ALWAYS have to wear a watch! Then I added my straw fedora hat to top things off like Alicia did.

Spring Layers 9

Polka Dot Top – Poshmark / Fedora | Chambray Button Up – DownEast / Boyfriend Roll Up Short –  Old Navy / Leopard Flats – Shoe Carnival /  Necklaces | Watch | Bracelet | Rings | Blazer – mark


Alicia’s How To

Alicia also chose to recreate my Spring Layers look using the mark Luck of the Drawstring Anorak and mark Four Seasons Scarf. The jacket and scarf are perfect for the cooler mornings. Then they can easily be removed once the temperatures rise!

Styling Tips 2

I LOVE how the jacket and scarf style beautifully together along with her neutral bottom layer. The deep purples in the top really make the purples in the scarf just pop!

Styling Tips

See more pics and read how Alicia recreated my look over on her blog, Word of Alicia.




Casual Friday

Just cuz its casual Friday, it doesn’t mean t-shirt and jeans. Think of it more as semi-casual with a pair of jeans and a nice top. My lifestyle is pretty casual, so my outfits everyday tend to be semi-casual. If you work in a place where it’s more of a business look everyday during the week, you don’t want to go from a business look to t-shirt and jeans. That’s way too drastic of a change, plus a t-shirt and jeans just looks unprofessional.

Casual Friday 2

Try a flowy top with a chambray button up layered over the top. Then for a lil more visual interest add a printed knit scarf layered with a long pendant necklace.

Casual Friday 5

For a fun look to my hair and to just keep it out of my face, I did a partial French braid on the side. I then pinned it in place with a couple bobby pins. I really like the way it turned out and just might have to do that more often!

Casual Friday 4

To keep the look on the casual side, I paired it with a distressed pair of motto jeans (my fave these days) and my Chuck Taylors. Chuck Taylors (or Converse) are always a great way to take a look to the casual side. They add a bit of funkiness to your look and are a lil more dressy than just your average pair of sneakers.

Casual Friday 6

To add a final touch of coolness, I’m LOVIN the new Throw Some Shade Sunglasses by mark. The tortoiseshell frame is super chic and the frame shape is super flattering for any face! They make it easy to get your cool on!

Throw Some Shade Sunglasses

Casual Friday 3 Casual Friday

Top | Scarf – Poshmark / Button Up – DownEast / Necklace | Rings | Earrings |Sunglasse – mark / Jeans – Roolee / Chuck Taylors – Delia’s



Florals and Polka Dots

I LOVE mixing up the prints, so I couldn’t help but put this floral top and polka dot skirt together. The key is to make sure the prints aren’t competing with each other. For me, I do this by making sure one of the prints is in neutral colors like the skirt. Then I added color with the florals in the top. The black and white windowpane print in the top also adds another bit of print and helps tie in the black and white in the skirt. Then the print on the sides of my platform shoes added a touch more of print. Altogether I have 4 prints going on in the look, but they all compliment each other, rather than complete so the look is in harmony.

Florals and Polka Dots 3

I wore this outfit to church and had a lady say to me, “flowers and polka dots huh? I guess that’s in these days.” Keep in mind this lady usually compliments me on my outfits, I guess the print mix was just a lil too much for her. I actually doesn’t bother me when people comment on my outfits. If I like them and feel good in them, that’s all that matters to me. Like they say, to each his own.

Florals and Polka Dots

Florals and Polka Dots 2

Top | Skirt – Poshmark / Necklace | Watch | Bracelet | Rings – mark / Shoes – Avon



1 Piece, 4 Ways: Dark Endings Maxi

I’ve been so busy the past few months that I haven’t had a chance to put together a “1 piece, 4 ways” post, but I’m SO in love with the new Dark Endings Maxi by mark that I just HAD to take the time to put a post together.

The maxi is so long and flowy, it just makes you feel so pretty when you wear it. The fabric is a light chiffon. So perfect for Spring and Summer. The pleating adds the perfect touch of detail to the skirt. Plus you’ll be right on trend cuz both maxis and pleating are both in right now! The mauve pink is the perfect transition color from Winter to Spring colors. Not too bright, but brighter than the Winter colors. Now before I just keep rambling on about how much I LOVE the maxi, let me share with you 4 different ways of styling it.

Dark Endings Maxi 6


1. Dress It Up

The first look is dressing it up as I did in my previous post with Alicia from Word of Alicia, in our posts “Spring Styling Tips: Spring Colors“. I dressed it up by pairing it with a similar chiffon fabric in black and off white polka dots. The black in the top perfectly matches the black in the bottom of the skirt, while the off white polka dots compliment the mauve pink in the skirt. The polka dot print in the top adds just the right amount of visual interest to the look. I paired the skirt with a strappy black sandal that are both dressy and casual at the same time.

Dark Endings Maxi 4

Top – Kohl’s (LC Lauren Conrad) / Sandals – DSW / Skirt | Watch | Necklace | Rings – mark


2. Go Semi-Casual

Go Semi-Casual with the skirt by pairing it with a chambray top. Chambray is one of my FAVE tops to style. It easily takes a look from dressy to casual. A chambray with polka dots is even more fun! Add a pair of strappy brown sandals to keep the look on the casual side.

Dark Endings Maxi 2

Skirt | Watch | Bracelet | Necklace | Rings – mark / Top – Thrifted / Sandals – Poshmark


3. Go SUPER Casual

I REALLY love the look of a graphic tee and sneakers with a skirt. Since I can rarely wear a skirt other than to church, it’s just not something I usually get to do. I just don’t feel church is the place for sneakers and skirts just aren’t practical for me to where I work, so it’s a special treat for me to wear them together on the blog. If you can fit them into your wardrobe, I would recommend them! Even if it’s just on a casual Friday or weekend shopping. It’s just such a super fun, casual chic look! To dress up the look just a little, you could add a skip the sneakers and add a pair of strappy sandals instead.

Dark Endings Maxi

Top – Poshmark (Old Navy) / Sneakers – Delia’s / Skirt | Watch | Necklace | Rings | Bracelet – mark


4. Add Some Color

Style the skirt with color by adding a top in a color that goes with the mauve pink of the skirt. I chose a periwinkle chiffon top that was already in my closet. To change things up a bit from the other looks, I added a belt around my waist. If belts aren’t your thing, you could easily just skip it. Then I added another pair of cognac strappy sandals to keep the look on the semi-casual side. To make this look dressier, go with a black belt and sandals instead.

Dark Endings Maxi 3

Top – DownEast / Sandals – Payless / Skirt | Bracelet | Watch | Rings | Necklace – mark


Spring Styling Tips: Spring Colors

Spring is the time of year that everyone wants to start freshening up their wardrobe. Everything around you feels fresh and new which makes you want to feel the same. A good way to start is with Spring colors. For this edition of Spring Styling Tips, Alicia from Word of Alicia, and I are sharing tips on adding Spring colors into your wardrobe.



Start With a Spring Colored Skirt

A good way to start is with a Spring colored skirt like the Dark Endings Maxi Skirt by mark. I’m not big into bright, bold colors for Spring. I like the more muted colors like the mauve pink in this maxi. It’s the perfect way to start breaking away from those darker colors of Fall/Winter and start brightening up your wardrobe. The black fading on the bottom of the skirt creates the perfect ombre effect which is right on trend right now. Speaking of on trend, the accordion-pleating on the skirt not only adds a beautiful detail to it, it’s also right on trend! The long flowy chiffon maxi skirt will also make you look tall and slender and feel beautiful at the same time.

Dark Endings Maxi 4


Add Some Print

To add some visual interest to your look, pair the skirt with a printed top that goes with the black in the bottom of the skirt. A black chiffon top with off-white polka dots is the perfect choice. The fabric is flowy like the skirt and the polka dots add just the right amount of contrast without being over powering. Plus the off-white dots are in a similar color tone as the mauve in the skirt so they compliment each other perfectly.

Dark Endings Maxi 5


 Go Light on the Jewelry

With colors getting lighter, so is the jewelry. Put away your big statement pieces for now and go with simple layered necklaces and bracelets. They not only look simple and elegant, but they also give you a lighter look and feel. The Three Of A Kind Bracelet Set by mark makes the perfect simple bracelet set for Spring and into Summer.

Dark Endings Maxi 7


Finish With Some Strappy Sandals

Finish your look with a pair of black strappy sandals. It’s Spring time, so that means it’s time to start showing off those pretty painted toes. The best way to do that is with an adorable pair of strappy sandals. They’re also perfect to wear with a long maxi skirt.

Dark Endings Maxi 6

And finally, to pull everything together……

P.S. The day I did this shoot, it was a pretty windy day. It was quite the challenge to keep my hair outta my face AND keep the skirt from flying up too much. Haha! I think I was able to come up with a few shots that turned out decent and show off how beautiful the Dark Endings Maxi is.

Dark Endings Maxi

Dark Endings Maxi 3

Dark Endings Maxi 2

Top – Kohl’s (LC Lauren Conrad) / Skirt | Watch | Bracelets | Necklace Set – mark / Sandals – DSW


Alicia’s Tip:

“Lighten and brighten with classic spring pastels in pieces you love!”

Spring Colors

“Come spring all we want to do lighten and brighten everything!  Easiest way to do that is work in a little color.  Color isn’t really your thing?  Just a pop of pastel jewelry like the Avon Fancy Flora Collection Earrings and Statement Necklace are all you need!  Go all over color or just a little bit, but the easiest way to wear color is with pieces you love.  Try going all over with a pretty pastel blouse in a lightweight fabric.  Pastels pair perfectly with lace and crochet so try it for spring and summer!”

Spring Colors 2

Go to Alicia’s blog at Word of Alicia to read her full tips and see more of her pics! I really adore the Fancy Flora Collection she’s wearing in today’s post. She styled it perfectly!




One of my favorite things ever is to be cute and comfy at the same time. I mean, who wouldn’t? One of the easiest ways to do that is with a pair of Joggers.

Joggers have been a big trend for a few months now and are continuing to be on into spring. My favorite thing about them is that they are SO comfy. You literally feel like you’re running around in your jammies, but look MUCH more attractive than jammies.

I love how joggers can be dressed up or down. Pair them with a dressy top, blazer and pretty flats and you look professional. Or pair them with a casual top or tee and pair of sneakers or sandals and you’re all set for a casual day.

Try a fun printed pair like my polka dot joggers for a fun look. Then style them with a loose, neutral chambray top and sandals and you look adorable while being super comfy at the same time!

P.S. Stay tuned for details on how to enter for a chance to win a necklace set like the one I’m wearing…..


Joggers 4

Joggers 3


Joggers 2

Top | Joggers – Roolee / Sandals – Poshmark / Necklace | Watch – mark


I love that the weather is starting to get a lil warmer now so that I don’t need to wear a jacket or cardi all day. Not that I don’t love wearing them, it’s just nice to change things up once in awhile. I also love that I can put away my boots for a few months and break out my sneakers.

Sneakers are one of my new FAVES for this spring. They also happen to be a HUGE trend this season. They’re a great way to dress down a look and add just a lil touch of fun to your outfit.

My fave sneakers to wear right now are a pair of leopard slip ons. Leopard is a neutral so the sneakers will go with SO many things.

This top you would normally consider more of a dressy top because it’s made of a silky flowy type fabric. Paired with a casual pair of pants and sneakers, the outfit is now a casual look. Perfect for a casual day shopping! Or for me, a casual day at work!

Sneakers 3


Sneakers 2

Top | Sneakers – Poshmark / Pants – H&M / Necklace | Rings | Watch – mark

Pink Gingham and Florals

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you’ll know my LOVE for mixing prints. I guess I just love the fun visual interest it adds to a look.

Today I’m mixing a pink gingham button up with a floral skirt. The pink in the top perfectly compliments the pinks in the floral skirt so they just look amazing together! I love the abstract florals in the skirt.

If you remember, I got this skirt at a steal deal at Walmart last Spring for just 3 bucks!!!! True Story!!! It’s from a brand that the local Walmarts in my area used to carry called Bella Bird. Unfortunately they no long carry it. 😦 Bad move Walmart, bad move! This was actually a great lil boutique style brand that greatly upped the Walmart clothing image. At least I got myself this great lil skirt (plus a few other pieces) before they decided to pull the line from the store.

Pink Gingham and Florals 5

Pink Gingham and Florals

Pink Gingham and Florals 2

Pink Gingham and Florals 3

Pink Gingham and Florals 4

Skirt – Walmart / Top – Old Navy / Necklace | Watch | Bracelet – mark / Shoes – Avon

Spring Styling Tips: Spring Layers


For this next edition of Spring Styling Tips, Alicia from Word of Alicia and I are sharing our tips on Spring Layers. I love dressing in layers cuz it gives you SO many styling options! You can create TONS of different looks by just remixing a few different pieces. With it being Spring, you can mix up all the great spring colors.


Spring is definitely one of my FAVE times of year, and not just cuz my birthday happens to be in Spring. I just love all the new beginnings and saying goodbye to winter. Grass begins to green up, trees start budding, baby animals are born or hatched and bulbs begin to emerge from the ground to later reveal colorful flowers. So many amazingly, beautiful things happening!

Along with all these changes is the constantly changing weather and temperatures (at least where I’m from). The mornings are chilly, while the afternoons are warm and sunny (for the most part). Plus you have the April showers that bring the May flowers! You pretty much need to be ready for anything! That’s where Spring layers come in! Ready for my tips? Well here we go!


Be Ready

Be ready for any Spring weather that might come your way in versatile layers like the Luck of The Drawstring Anorak by mark. It’s perfect for keeping you warm in the cooler mornings. Once the warmer afternoon comes you can easily take it off.

Spring Layering 9

Then put it back on when the cool evening comes. Plus it has a hood (that’s also removable) so you’ll be ready for that sudden burst of Spring rain. Another great thing about this jacket is the army green color, which means it’s a neutral and will go with pretty much anything!

Spring Layering 3


Add More Layers

Add another layer with a light weight, pretty spring scarf tied low in the front. The scarf will add another layer for those cooler mornings, but since it’s light weight, it won’t make you overheat in the warmer afternoon. Tying it low in the front will also keep your neck from overheating in the warm afternoon. Plus the beautiful floral colors add some great visual interest and color to your look.

Spring Layering 8


keep Things Simple

Now that we’re moving toward the warmer season, jewelry pieces start to move away from the big statement pieces and go towards more simple jewelry pieces like the Three Of A Kind Bracelet Set by mark. They’re made of 3 delicate gold bands, each accented with a spring colored stone.

The sleeves of the jacket each have strings that allow you to ruche the sleeves which not only let you show off your cute bracelets, but also helps keep you cool as the midday temperatures begin to rise. Besides that, the sleeves are just too cute when they are ruched!

Spring Layering 4


Keep it Cool

Wearing sandals on a Spring morning could mean freezing lil toes, so it’s best to wear a closed toe shoe in the Spring. You don’t want something too warm though that will make your feet overheat by midmorning. That’s where a comfy woven flat like the Cushion Walk Espadrille Flat by Avon comes in. It fits both those needs plus it comes in a super cute black and white Aztec print.

Spring Layering 5

And now you’re ready for anything that the crazy Spring weather will throw your way! Let’s go out there now and enjoy Spring!

Spring Layering 2

Spring Layering 6

Jacket | Bracelets | Rings | Scarf – mark / Flats – Avon / Top – DownEast / Shorts – J. Crew Factory


Alicia’s Styling Tip:

“For Spring style layer lightweight pieces with your spring accessories for a functional spring look.”


“When layering for spring it’s all about layering the right functional pieces in the right spring fabrics.  Start with a base fit for the warmest temps, like the mark. Easy Does It Romper and layer it with lightweight pieces like a chambray button down and spring blazer.  Keeping the look all in the same color family allows you to wear it all layered together, just with the chambray or the romper by itself.  This way your functional and have a chic visually interesting look.  Finish off your look with your favorite spring accessories like a fedora, layered necklaces and neutral flats like the mark. Hit The Spot leather flats.”


Check out Alicia’s complete tips, plus more pics over on her blog, Word of Alicia. I really love how she layered the neutral blazer over the chambray top (a fave of mine). They pair perfectly with the Easy Does It Romper by mark.