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Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had a secret LOVE for fashion and styling. I remember as a little girl “studying” the JC Penny catalog when they would come in the mail. I grew up in a small town about an hour away from any type of shopping, so shopping trips were few and far between. One of my favorite times of year was when my Mom would take us on the hour and a half drive to go school clothes shopping. That was just a little piece of heaven for me. Now my two sisters tell me they hated shopping with me cuz I’d take too long looking at and trying things on. I say with just a once a year shopping trip, ya gotta make it count, right?! 😉

I also remember just LOVING  to watch any makeover episode on the talk shows when I was growing up. It just always amazed me at how something as a simple as a figure flattering outfit and new hairstyle and makeup can completely change a women’s confidence in herself. Suddenly, she can accomplish ANYTHING she sets her mind to! Now one of my FAVE TV shows to watch is What Not To Wear.

My dream and goal is to one day own my own fashion boutique and/or become an image consultant. I’d love to be able to help women find that same confidence in themselves that the makeover shows did when I was growing up. Until then, I use my lil blog to share my outfit and styling ideas in hopes that I can help someone in that way. Hope you enjoy and that I can give you some kind of inspiration.

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