Spring Styling Tips: Spring Layers


For this next edition of Spring Styling Tips, Alicia from Word of Alicia and I are sharing our tips on Spring Layers. I love dressing in layers cuz it gives you SO many styling options! You can create TONS of different looks by just remixing a few different pieces. With it being Spring, you can mix up all the great spring colors.


Spring is definitely one of my FAVE times of year, and not just cuz my birthday happens to be in Spring. I just love all the new beginnings and saying goodbye to winter. Grass begins to green up, trees start budding, baby animals are born or hatched and bulbs begin to emerge from the ground to later reveal colorful flowers. So many amazingly, beautiful things happening!

Along with all these changes is the constantly changing weather and temperatures (at least where I’m from). The mornings are chilly, while the afternoons are warm and sunny (for the most part). Plus you have the April showers that bring the May flowers! You pretty much need to be ready for anything! That’s where Spring layers come in! Ready for my tips? Well here we go!


Be Ready

Be ready for any Spring weather that might come your way in versatile layers like the Luck of The Drawstring Anorak by mark. It’s perfect for keeping you warm in the cooler mornings. Once the warmer afternoon comes you can easily take it off.

Spring Layering 9

Then put it back on when the cool evening comes. Plus it has a hood (that’s also removable) so you’ll be ready for that sudden burst of Spring rain. Another great thing about this jacket is the army green color, which means it’s a neutral and will go with pretty much anything!

Spring Layering 3


Add More Layers

Add another layer with a light weight, pretty spring scarf tied low in the front. The scarf will add another layer for those cooler mornings, but since it’s light weight, it won’t make you overheat in the warmer afternoon. Tying it low in the front will also keep your neck from overheating in the warm afternoon. Plus the beautiful floral colors add some great visual interest and color to your look.

Spring Layering 8


keep Things Simple

Now that we’re moving toward the warmer season, jewelry pieces start to move away from the big statement pieces and go towards more simple jewelry pieces like the Three Of A Kind Bracelet Set by mark. They’re made of 3 delicate gold bands, each accented with a spring colored stone.

The sleeves of the jacket each have strings that allow you to ruche the sleeves which not only let you show off your cute bracelets, but also helps keep you cool as the midday temperatures begin to rise. Besides that, the sleeves are just too cute when they are ruched!

Spring Layering 4


Keep it Cool

Wearing sandals on a Spring morning could mean freezing lil toes, so it’s best to wear a closed toe shoe in the Spring. You don’t want something too warm though that will make your feet overheat by midmorning. That’s where a comfy woven flat like the Cushion Walk Espadrille Flat by Avon comes in. It fits both those needs plus it comes in a super cute black and white Aztec print.

Spring Layering 5

And now you’re ready for anything that the crazy Spring weather will throw your way! Let’s go out there now and enjoy Spring!

Spring Layering 2

Spring Layering 6

Jacket | Bracelets | Rings | Scarf – mark / Flats – Avon / Top – DownEast / Shorts – J. Crew Factory


Alicia’s Styling Tip:

“For Spring style layer lightweight pieces with your spring accessories for a functional spring look.”


“When layering for spring it’s all about layering the right functional pieces in the right spring fabrics.  Start with a base fit for the warmest temps, like the mark. Easy Does It Romper and layer it with lightweight pieces like a chambray button down and spring blazer.  Keeping the look all in the same color family allows you to wear it all layered together, just with the chambray or the romper by itself.  This way your functional and have a chic visually interesting look.  Finish off your look with your favorite spring accessories like a fedora, layered necklaces and neutral flats like the mark. Hit The Spot leather flats.”


Check out Alicia’s complete tips, plus more pics over on her blog, Word of Alicia. I really love how she layered the neutral blazer over the chambray top (a fave of mine). They pair perfectly with the Easy Does It Romper by mark.


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