Spring Styling Tips: Easter


Easter is just around the corner! Have you started to think what you’re going to wear? Alicia from over on the blog, Word Of Alicia, and I have teamed up once again to share with you our Spring Styling Tips to help you find your PERFECT Easter look.

Easter is one of my favorite times of year. Probably because it’s always near my birthday and it’s in spring. YAY!!! The time of new beginnings! Whenever I think of Easter, I think of pretty spring colored dresses, Easter church, Easter Egg hunts and Easter picnics. It’s always fun to get yourself a pretty new Easter outfit to wear for Easter church and all the Easter picnics. Of course, it HAS to be in pretty spring colors and it also needs to be functional so you can run around in the grass hiding the Easter Eggs for the kids.

1. Start With Some Color

Start your look with a spring colored skirt like this orange-coral striped pencil skirt. The colors are bright and will help you get in the mood for all the Easter fun (as if you needed any help). Plus the straight line of the pencil skirt will make your look dressy enough for church.

Sheer Brilliance Sweatshirt 5


2. Add Some Chic Warmth

I don’t know about where you live, but here the wind always seems to blow on Easter without fail. To help keep you warm and chic at the same time, a chic neutral sweatshirt like the Sheer Brilliance Sweatshirt by mark is the perfect piece. It’s light weight, so it’ll help keep you warm on windy day, but won’t make you hot. Temperature wise that is, look wise you WILL be HOT! 🙂 Plus it has a chic layered look with white chiffon detail that hangs from the sweatshirt hem. I LOVE the 3/4 sleeves and boatneck collar of this sweatshirt. They make me feel like I’m Audrey Hepburn in a layed back sort of way.

Sheer Brilliance Sweatshirt 3


3. Go Functional

Since you’re going to be running through grass to hide and then help find all those Easter Eggs, you’ll want to be in a functional flat. Go with a flat sandal to show off your pretty Easter pedicure and bring that springy feel.

Sheer Brilliance Sweatshirt 4


4. Finish With More Color

Top things off with some colorful jewelry like a turquoise necklace and the Three Of A Kind Bracelet Set by mark. To keep from looking dated and old fashioned, wear jewelry colors that go with your outfit rather than are matchy, matchy.

Sheer Brilliance Sweatshirt 6

The complete look will give you a fresh Easter look while still being functional for all your Easter Day plans.

Sheer Brilliance Sweatshirt

Sheer Brilliance Sweatshirt 2

Sweatshirt | Necklace | Bracelets – mark / Skirt – local boutique / Sandals – Poshmark


Alicia’s Styling Tip:

“Take this as your opportunity to add in a new dress to your wardrobe that will work for all your upcoming occasions and style it with fresh spring accessories!”

Easter Dresses 2

“Freshen up your wardrobe and your look with a new spring dress that you can maximize for all your upcoming spring and summer occasions.  I like the mark. About Lace Dress for it’s classic cut and playful back, plus the jewel tone will help with that winter complexion.  For Easter, play up on the spring accessories like a wide brimmed hat and a multi-tasking spring scarf like the mark. All Season’s scarf.  When dressing in your Sunday best be sure to wear a dressier shoe that compliments the look regardless if it’s a flat, sandal or pump, like mark. Sassy Stepper Pumps.  A few spring worthy pieces in your wardrobe will have you multi-tasking all season!”
Easter Dresses
Be sure to check out Alicia’s complete tips, plus more pics over on her blog, Word of Alicia. I love how she perfectly paired the scarf with dress! Don’t you?!?! Plus her floppy hat just SCREAMS Easter!!!

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