Camo Chambray

If you follow my blog, it’s no secret I have a thing for the camo. I haven’t actually worn it for awhile though, so I decided it’s time to break out the camo chambray and pair it with coral denim. 

Chambray is a great way to style a colored denim and then the camo chambray adds just a lil extra interest to the look.

To give your look the cool edge, wear your top half tucked. It’s a great median between dressy and super casual. And then again, it just makes you look cool! šŸ˜‰ 

 To keep things casual and fun, I finished off the look with a pair of leopard sneakers. Not only are sneakers a HUGE trend this spring, but they’re just super comfy too!

Camo Chambray

Camo Chambray 2

Camo Chambray 4

Camo Chambray 3

Camo Chambray 5

Camo Chambray | Coral Denim | Leopard Sneakers – Poshmark / Watch | Necklace – mark


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