Polka Dots and Coral

As I’ve said before, navy is one of my FAVE neutrals these days. I like that it isn’t has harsh of a color as black, but still has the same effect. It’s just such a great color to go with everything!

Today I’m styling a navy and white polka dot top with a pair of coral pants. The navy really compliments the coral, while the polka dots add visual interest to the look.

To pull the look together, I added a khaki completer piece (a jacket). I always like how a completer piece pulls a look together. One of the best things about spring is that you can break out the lighter colors and it’s still cool enough to wear the completer pieces.

For accessories, I added the Clear Choice Necklace by mark. It’s such a great statement piece!

Once again I went with the oxford flats. Wow, I really am wearing them a lot lately! Today I like how they tied the jacket and shoes together.

Coral and Polka Dots 2

Coral and Polka Dots

Coral an Polka Dots 3

Necklace | Bracelet | Watch | Jacket – mark / Top | Pants | Shoes – Poshmark


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