Buffalo Plaid

Buffalo plaid has been on my wish list for awhile now. I FINALLY came across this cute navy and white buffalo plaid tunic at Old Navy. It’s a new piece from their spring line. I like that it could easily transition to fall later this year, so for me, it’s a great buy!

I ordered the tunic from Old Navy’s online store. When it finally came and I tried it on, it looked a lil like an old night shirt to me because of the length and how loose fitting it is. So my first thought was to belt it. Then I rolled the sleeves to give it a lil more style. Next I added a pair of coral skinny ankle pants (they look kinda red in the pic, but I SWEAR they’re really coral!). I’m really into Oxford shoes these days and decided they’d be the perfect shoe for the look. I wanted to go simple with the jewelry today, so I went with small layered pendant necklaces, watch and a couple rings.

Today at work I had to audit our cafeteria, so that means my hair has to be pulled back and covered with a hairnet. So I opted to just have it pulled back in a pony ALL day, tying it back with a super cute pony band. Thanks to my pervious day’s curl, my pony had some great wave going on!

Buffalo Plaid 6

Buffalo Plaid

Buffalo Plaid 2

Buffalo Plaid 5

Buffalo Plaid 3

Buffalo Plaid 4

Buffalo Plaid Tunic – Old Navy / Coral Jeans | Oxford Shoes – Poshmark / Necklaces | Watch | Rings | Belts – mark




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