Anorak Jacket

The Anorak Jacket is a classic jacket the happens to be HUGE this season! Great thing is that you can buy one this spring while they’re HOT and it will continue to be in for seasons to come because it’s a classic.

The Webster definition of a Anorak is “a jacket that has a hood and that is long enough to cover your hips”.

I’m so excited cuz mark just came out with their OWN version of the Anorak! They call it “Luck Of The Drawstring Anorak“. I just LOVE all the clever names they come up with for their products. The jacket is light weight, so it’s perfect for spring weather when you just need an extra layer. It has a drawstring waist to cinch in the waist and add some shape to the otherwise boxy shape and a removable zip hood!

I have two favorite things about the jacket. First, the army green color. In case you haven’t heard, army green is a HUGE trend this spring, and is just always on trend anyway. Plus army green is a neutral! It will go with pretty much anything! My second favorite thing are the drawstrings on the sleeves. They let you ruche the sleeves for an extra fun detail and keep them pushed up on your arm at the same time. Of course you can undo the drawstrings if you’re needing to cover your arms for chilly weather.

Luck Of The Drawstring Anorak 6

Luck Of The Drawstring Anorak 3

Luck Of The Drawstring Anorak

Luck Of The Drawstring Anorak 5

Luck Of The Drawstring Anorak 2

Luck Of the Drawstring Anorak 4

Anorak Jacket | Necklace | Rings | Bracelets – mark / Striped Top – Old Navy / Jeans – DownEast / Booties – Poshmark

10 thoughts on “Anorak Jacket

  1. Perfect look Jill! It’s so timeless and classic but yet preppy and trendy at the same time! I love that the sleeve has drawstrings too, how perfect for letting those striped sleeves pop out! (sorry lot’s of !’s it’s just that good)

  2. Hi, this may seem like a weird question, but I was wondering how tall you are? I’m interested in purchasing this jacket but I have a hard time finding things the right length because of my height. I love the look of this jacket but if the length isn’t right for me I don’t want to purchase it.

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    • Sorry for the delay in responding to your question. I apologize. My jacket is a medium. Thank you for reading my blog and please stop by again any time! If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Have a great day! 🙂

  4. I read from the avon website, a lot of people who ordered complaint about the sizing, they all said this jacket is smaller than expected, should I order a size up?? I wear medium to large in mark

    • I’m not sure why so many people were complaining about the sizing on the jacket. I’m a medium in mark and that’s what I have in the jacket. I think it’s actually slightly oversized. I did notice though that the people who said it ran small were age 55+ so I’m wondering if they don’t realize mark clothing is in junior sizing and should probably order up a size. Those that commented on the jacket that were 35 or younger said it fit perfect.

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