Oversized Sweater

Like the striped blazer I wore earlier this week on the blog, I found this sweater the same day at Old Navy when I was just supposed to be returning some clothes for my boys. The only difference is that I actually got this one on Sale for just 11 bucks! I’ve also been wanting an oversized sweater in my closet and I LOVE stripes, so I just couldn’t pass it up! I hadn’t actually worn it yet, so I decided I better hurry before it gets too warm. Normally in February I have at LEAST another month before it’s time to start thinking about putting the sweaters away, but this year the February weather is acting more like spring!

Since an oversized sweater is oversized (image that), you’ll want to wear bottoms that are form-fitting to balance it out. I went with leggings, but a pair of skinny jeans would work too!

stripes n leggings

Stripes n leggings

sweater – Old Navy / leggings – DownEast / boots – Delia’s / scarf | necklace – mark


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