Thanksgiving: Comfy, Concealing, Chic

For me, a Thanksgiving look needs to be three things: comfortable, concealing and chic.



Everyone knows that the Thanksgiving meal is ALL about indulging in ALL the amazing food that was prepared for just that ONE meal. So top priority for the look is to be comfortable while doing ALL that indulging.



Once you’ve finished all your indulging, you’ll want to be able to conceal it. To do that, you’ll want something loose-fitting around your stomach and waist area.



Lastly, you want your look to also be chic. You don’t wanna be looking frumpy on this important Holiday of the year!


What piece fits ALL those needs? Well, the Shift Dress of course! The Shift Dress is a short dress that lacks any detail shaping. This works for both the comfortable and concealing.

Thanksgiving Style

Then add a pair of leggings, riding boots and coordinating boot socks to add to the comfy factor.

Thanksgiving Styling

Take a basic chambray Shift Dress and add a cardigan and a light weight scarf to turn up the chic!

Thanksgiving Styles


Thanksgiving Styles 2

Shift Dress, Scarf, Watch. Bracelet – mark; Cardigan – Bella Me Boutique; Leggings, Boot Socks – DownEast; Boots – Delia’s




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