Styling The Fall Essentials

Last week I shared with you my 10 Fall Essentials! For a quick reminder of what they are, here ya go!

Fall Essentials

If ya want a lil refresher on all the details of my Fall Essentials, you can check out my last weeks post here.

I also promised to share with you 20 outfits styling the 10 Fall Essentials. So here goes!!! (By-the-way, this is also a good help for packing light on a vacation and still have LOTS of outfit options!)

Styling the Fall Essentials is actually pretty simple! It’s basically a matter of switching up how you layer your tops and switching between the bottoms. Same Top + Different Bottoms = New Outfit! Easy right? Nothing scientific about it! 😉


So first, here’s 10 Fall Essentials outfits styling the denim jeans.

Styling The Fall Essentials


And now for 10 Fall Essentials outfits styling the olive pants.

Styling Fall Essentials

Well, that’s my 20 outfits! What’s your favorite?!?!


Plaid Button Up – Old Navy; Polka Dot Chambray, Boots – Poshmark; Basic Tee – Gap; Cardigan, Scarf – Bella Me; Olive Pants – Alloy; Denim Jeans – DownEast (only available in the Home and Clothing stores); Watch, Necklace – mark





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