Outfit Planning

The past couple of months, I’ve been following the FlyLady to help me get my home, family and life more organized. One of the things she teaches is to lay out your outfit for the next day as you’re getting ready for bed. This one simple step has made my mornings TONS less hectic. Plus, since deciding what I’m going to wear is one of my FAVE parts of the day, planning my outfit the night before gives me more time to be creative. I’ve also found that I make more use of my closet since I’m not rushed to decide what I’m going to wear. I’m now finding myself wearing pieces that had previously hung in my closet for MONTHS!

This new change of when I plan my outfit inspired me to share with you how I plan my outfits. So that is what we are going to talk about today.

I start with an inspiration piece and then I build the outfit from there. Your inspiration piece can be a scarf, jacket, top, necklace or even shoes. Whatever you want to build your outfit around. My inspiration piece today is my navy and white striped blazer from DownEast.

Navy and White Striped Blazer


I really like navy blue and mustard yellow together, so I decided to add my mustard yellow denim jeans.

Outfit Planning


A graphic Tee is always a fun piece to add to a casual outfit and adds great visual interest. I like the way dark grey of this graphic Tee looks with the navy blue mustard yellow combo.

Fall Outfit Planning 2


Next to accessorize (you could also do this last if you want to wait till after you decide on the shoes)! I kept things simple with silver tone horizontal bars necklace.

Fall Outfit


Last of all I decided on the shoes. My lifestyle is more on the casual side, so that is how I tend to dress. For that reason, I went with leopard flats. Leopard is a great neutral that can go with pretty much everything and flats are perfect when you’re constantly on the run with kids or errands.

Fall Outfit Planning


Now all I’ll need to do the next day is get dressed! No time wasted in the morning standing in front of my closet feeling like I have nothing to wear.

Fall Outfit 3


Fall Outfit Planning 3


Fall Outfits


Fall Outfit 2


Leopard Flats

And just for fun…..

Fall Fun

Blazer – DownEast; Graphic Tee – Alloy; Mustard Denim – Bella Me Boutique; Leopard Flats, Silver Bracelets – Poshmark; Necklace, Rings, Makeup, Hair Products – mark


One thought on “Outfit Planning

  1. Really cute outfit Jill! I love the blazer, but I’m not nearly organized enough to plan my outfit at night! Usually mine depends on the weather and what I have to do that day which is always changing. Another little tip, my friend always has a couple outfits planned hanging tother in her closet complete with accessories. Her reasoning is if she needs to quickly run home and change after work/last minute plans/etc and also if she puts on her planned outfit from the night before and just isn’t feeling it she has a few already planned backups!

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