mark. Dark Blooms Dress

I’m SO excited about the new Dark Blooms Dress by mark! The print is just GORGEOUS! I LOVE poppies and then having them on this dress is perfect.

The dress is a shift dress style, which mean it does not have a defined waistline. This makes this dress an open canvas for styling. You can wear it as-is if you prefer the dress to flow seamlessly across your middle area. This is great if your stomach is your problem area and you don’t want to draw attention to it. Or you can add a belt and define your waistline as I did.

mark Dark Blooms Dress 3

I also like that the dress can be styled either on the dressy side or more casual side. I chose to go with the more casual side by adding a cognac/chocolate-brown belt set and brown boots. Then I added the new Cube Effect and Circle Around Necklaces also from mark.

P.S. if you’re in need of some chocolate-brown riding boots to complete this look, you can pick up a pair of those at mark right now too. That’s not where I got mine, but if I didn’t have some already, I definitely be gettin’ me the mark pair.

mark Dark Blooms Dress 2

The dress was just a lil too short for me after adding the belt (just fine without). No biggie though cuz I just added my black skirt extender from Sexy Modest.

mark Dark Blooms Dress 4

And now to pull it all together!

mark Dark Blooms Dress


Dress, Belts, Necklaces, Rings, Watch, Hair Products, Makeup – mark; Boots – Poshmark; Skirt Extender – Sexy Modest





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