Longer Short Shopping

I know it’s kinda late in the season to be writing a post about shopping for Summer clothes, but dang it, I just recently thought of the idea! 😦 Hopefully you’ll either be able to use my tips and ideas to snag some end of Summer deals or bookmark this page for a head start on next Summer’s shopping. So here goes!!!

I love wearing shorts in the Summer just as much as the next girl, but I always struggle with finding some that are a length I’m comfortable with wearing. I figure I’m not the only girl out there with this issue, so I decided why not share where I’ve been able to find some cute shorts with a longer hemline. Or maybe your just in need of some shorts that are a work appropriate length.  My post just might be able to help you too! 🙂

Tip #1: Before you even start shopping for shorts, find a pair of shorts in your closet that you like the length of and measure the inseam. Measuring the inseam is easy. Just grab a soft tape measure (can be found at fabric store) and measure the distance from the crotch of the shorts to the bottom of the hemline. Wah Lah!!! You’ve got your inseam length. Use this number for checking the shorts length in the description.

Tip #2: Wash and rinse your shorts in COLD, and HANG DRY to prevent the inseam from shrinking.


Okay, here goes my online shopping destinations!



First on the list is J.Crew. You can check both J.Crew and J.Crew Factory. The selection isn’t huge, but it’s worth a shot checking them out.

J. Crew

Shorts – J.Crew; Top – Walmart; Sandals – Payless; Watch, Necklace – mark;  Bracelet – Poshmark



Next we have Kohl’s. I like looking for what they have for Docker’s shorts, but they also have a few other options too for longer length shorts. The shorts I’m wearing here are Docker’s.


Shorts, Top –  Kohl’s; Watch, Necklace – mark; Sandals – DSW


At first glance, Gap doesn’t have a whole lot to off for longer shorts. But if you look closer at their Boyfriend Roll-up Shorts, they can be unrolled for a longer length. The unrolled, regular inseam length is 10″, tall inseam length is 11″ and petite inseam length is 8″. I’m really into the pattern shorts this year so I went with a patterned pair, but there’s also tons of solid colors to choose from.


Shorts- Gap; Top, Necklace, Watch – mark; Bracelet – Noon Day; Sandals – DSW



I like shopping on Poshmark for shorts, cuz there’s TONS of options to choose from. Just type in the search criteria of what you’re looking for, and a whole list of shorts pops up of shorts people are selling. I like that I can ask the seller questions about the shorts including their inseam. I was searching for a fun colorful print and came across these coral (one of my FAVE colors of the season) shorts with a fun pattern.


Shorts, Top – Poshmark; Necklace – Walmart; Sandals – Payless; Watch – mark


DownEast is always good for finding a cute pair of longer denim shorts every Summer. You better hurry though, cuz they usually sell out FAST! I like that the dark wash on these shorts can be either dressed up or down.


Shorts – DownEast; Top – Poshmark; Flats – Payless; Necklace, Bracelets, Watch – mark

Well, that’s my list! Hope I’ve been able to suggest a few new places you never thought of before to find yourself some longer shorts . Happy Shopping!!! 🙂


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