Complimentary Colors

My FAVE colors to wear together this Spring/Summer have been coral and turquoise or mint. The reason those colors work so well together is because they are Complimentary Colors. This means they are opposite from each other on the Color Wheel. Coral falls under the Orange-Red colors and turquoise and mint fall under the Blue-Green colors.

Color Wheel 3

Try not to wear Complimentary Colors together in full strength unless you want to go very bold with your look. Full strength can be very jolting on the eyes. Instead, opt for wearing one of the Complimentary colors in full strength and the other in tints and shades for a more sophisticated and pleasing look. You could also go with tints and shades of both Complimentary Colors.


In this outfit, the turquoise chevron in the Get In Groove Handbag by mark, perfectly compliments the coral striped skirt. Then paired with a neutral graphic tee and faux leather, turquoise beaded necklace to dress down the look.

Complimentary Color

Coral and Turquoise

Skirt, Necklace; Tee –Torey’s Trends, Bag – mark; Flats, Turquoise Bracelet – Poshmark; Coral Wrap Bracelet – Noon Day


Next I dressed up the skirt a little with a striped mint top, a belt and nude wedges.

Complimentary Colors Mint and Coral

Coral and Mint

Skirt – Torey’s Trends; Top – Poshmark; Coral Wrap Bracelet – Noon Day; Watch, Wedges, Ring – mark; Necklace – Walmart; Belt – Piperlime



3 thoughts on “Complimentary Colors

  1. LOVE the first look! That would be a great look for the 4th or Labor Day especially with a red striped skirt! sidenote: your chevron bag stayed WAY cleaner than mine 😉

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