Camouflaging the Stomach

If your “problem area” is your stomach, one of the best ways to hide or camouflage it is with an empire waist dress or top. An empire waist is when the waist of the dress or top starts right below the bust line. There is usually a loose flowy fabric that hangs from the raised waist line that hangs freely over the stomach area. The raised waistline draws the eyes up and away from the problem area. Plus the flowy fabric helps to hide the area even more without making you look frumpy.

I like to keep 1 to 2 empire waist dresses in my closet for those bubble gut days that I tend to get every now and then. I like that I can still feel pretty without drawing attention to my bubble gut stomach.

The new Basketweave Detail Dress from Avon is my new FAVE go to empire waist dress. The color is AMAZING and the fit is FABULOUS!!! It has slits on each side for easy movement, but not too high to where you feel too exposed. The neckline is just a lil too low for my liking, but that’s and easy fix with Demi Tee from DownEast!

Basketweave Detail Dress

I paired the dress with my Beaded Cascade Zipperback Sandal, also from Avon. I wanted to go with something different than a black or brown, so I thought I’d give the gray a try.

Beaded Cascade Zipperback Sandal

And since my post pics always tend to be on the more serious side, I thought it would be kinda fun to do at least one not so serious pic….

Basketweave Detail Dress 2

Dress, Sandals – Avon; Watch, Necklace, Earrings – mark; Gold Bangle – Torey’s Trends; Turquoise Bangle – BeyondBeauty; Demi Tee – DownEast



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