1 Piece, 4 Ways: Cool Duet Top

I’m LOVING the new Cool Duet Top from mark so I decided I’d use it as my next piece in my blog series; 1 Piece, 4 Ways. My FAVE thing about it is that since it has the pretty mesh stripes, you can change up the look of it just by changing what you’re wearing underneath it. Plus, white just goes with everything anyway!

The top comes with a unattached neon orange tank to wear underneath, but since it’s not attached, you can change it out and wear any color you’d like underneath. This makes the Cool Duet Top MUCH more versatile. You can dress it up or dress it down. The fabric of the tee is a sheer chiffon with a fun lil detail on the neckline. It’s very light weight and perfect for the summer heat. The fabric of the tank is a knit.

Just a lil FYI on the fit of the top, since it’s a chiffon fabric, it doesn’t have any stretch to it. The shape of the tee is straight, no curves to it. For me, it fits loosely in the waist and then form-fitting on the hips. If you have a pear shaped body or you’d just prefer the top not to be form-fitting on your hips, I suggest ordering up a size.

To start with, I just want to give you a lil close up look of the neckline, sleeve and mesh of the top. Just and FYI, the layer tee underneath the Cool Duet Top in this pic isn’t the one it came with. I’m really loving the army green underneath it though. This is how I styled it with the floral pants below.

mark Cool Duet Top


I thought the best way to start out with the outfits would be an outfit styling the top with the tank that came with it. I like this way to semi-casually style the top with a denim skirt or shorts.

Denim Skirt

top, necklace, watch –mark; skirt – DownEast; flats – Poshmark


Up next, you can give the top a fun, playful look with some printed pants or shorts. For this look, I added an army green layering tee underneath.

Side note: I’d originally planned on styling this outfit with a mauvish colored layering tee underneath, but quickly changed my mind once I put them on together and realized it appeared I had nothing on under the top. I’d suggest NOT wearing anything underneath the top that is anywhere near your skin tone.

Floral Pants

top, necklace, watch – mark; layering tee – DownEast; floral pants – Bella Me; flats – Poshmark


Next you can dress the top up and/or go for a black and white look with it. I did both by styling it with a white layering tee underneath and pairing it with my black and white pencil skirt from mark, and fun necklace and some dressy flats.

High Contrast Skirt

top, skirt, bracelet, watch – mark; flats – Vinted; layering tee, necklace – DownEast


And the final way I styled the Cool Duet Top was for a fun day in the sun. I did this by pairing it with my fluorescent orange shorts, gold flip-flops, a hot pink layering tee underneath and a pair of on trend cat-eye sunnies with a floral pattern!

Neon Shorts

top, bracelet, watch, sunnies – mark; layering tee – DownEast; flip flops – Old Navy; shorts – Gap


And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for, to see all 4 looks side by side!!! Which is your FAVE? I think mines the fun in the sun look just cuz we’ve finally hit summer!!!

Cool Duet Top




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