Cognac Shoes

I think it’s pretty safe to say that cognac is one of my FAVE shoe colors! I love that they go with ANYTHING because it’s a neutral!!! And YES, it is a neutral and it can even be worn with black!!!

Cognac is a brown shade as you can tell, but it has more of an orange tint to it. It comes in various tones, but all with that orange tint.


For my basic everyday wear, I like to keep a couple pairs of cognac flats around. One more basic and one with a fun detail all depending on if I want to make a statement with my shoes or not. Flats work great for on the go. I love that I can run errands and my kids around town without feeling like I need to watch my every step.

Oxford Flats – Poshmark, Plain Flats – Payless


Some cognac strappy, flat sandals are great for a casual look from skinnies to skirts to shorts!

Flat Sandals – Payless


A pair or two of cognac strappy pumps are great to have on hand to dress up an outfit cuz that’s just what pumps do!

Stiletto Strappy Pumps – JJ’s Boutique, Chunky Strappy Pumps – mark.


And of course you need some cognac boots on hand for when those temps start to drop. I like to have one that’s more of a classic riding boot and then when that’s more on the trendy side like these combat boots.

Riding Boot – Delia’s, Combat Boots – Ross DSCN2372


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