1 Piece, 4 Ways: Floral Pants

Like I’ve said before, I wasn’t too sure about the floral trend this year. I’ve just never been too big on wearing florals.  And I DEFINITELY wasn’t sure about wearing floral pants!…..not till I met these adorable pants from Bella Me anyway!

I’ve had a few people tell me “floral pants are cute, but I’m not sure what to wear with ’em”! Well, that inspired me to start a WHOLE NEW blog series I’m calling “1 Piece, 4 ways”. And to kick it off, we’re gonna start with the Floral Pants! So here goes!

So for outfit number 1??? You guess it!!! Chambray of coarse!!!

As I’ve mentioned MANY times before, chambray goes with EVERYTHING!!! It’s definitely a piece to invest in for your closet if you haven’t already!

Floral Pants 1

Your next option is to style them with a neutral color. I went with brown, but you could go with any of the other neutral colors like white, black, grey, khaki, olive-green and navy blue. I also did a little bit of pattern mix up with this outfit with the burnt out polka dots. Of course you could go with a plain neutral top, but this gives you an idea how to add a little more visual interest. I then I went with my mustard flats cuz I like how they compliment the navy blue background of the pants.

Floral Pants 5

Up next try styling them with a neutral colored Spring jacket or blazer. A jacket or blazer can dress the floral pants up just a little bit and give them a different look and feel. I went with a neutral white tee to keep things simple and not have it competing for attention with other pieces in the outfit. Then for just a little fun, I added my leopard flats. Of course you could also go with something neutral like a cognac colored flat.

Floral Pants 3

And for the last outfit idea, wear a colored top that either matches or compliments one or more colors in the pants. I think it’s more fun to compliment rather than match, so I went with a mint top.

Floral Pants 7

And now to see all four outfits side-by-side….

Floral Pants 9

Which outfit is your FAVE??? Have you added a pair of floral pants to your wardrobe yet???


2 thoughts on “1 Piece, 4 Ways: Floral Pants

    • Thank you! I love seeing how many outfits I can create with one piece, so it was a lot of doing this! I look forward to doing more of these segments in the future! 🙂

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