Fashion Styling Demos

About a couple of months ago, two of my good friends, Andrea and Katia, asked if I’d come talk to each their church groups about fashion and styling (so 2 demos total). My first thought was “Aaaaaaa” (that’s me screaming silently in my mind). But then I thought, if I’m really wanting to be in the fashion industry professionally one day, this will be a great chance for me to get out of my comfort zone and talk to people one on one rather just through my blog. So I told them both an excited and nervous “YES!” I had SO much fun doing the demos and I’m so grateful that they would think of me to do this for them.

It wasn’t for about another month that I actually did the demos. Which was actually a really good thing cuz it gave me time to collect my thoughts and decide just what it was I wanted to share with them and how. My biggest worry was how I was going to demo styling outfits and display them both economically and visually interestingly. I wanted my demo to be interactive, not just me up there talking “blah, blah, blah….”. What I finally came up with was using our old coat rack to hang outfits together on as a display and to easily change the outfits up. I also printed off some pics of me styling outfits to share and put them on a display board.

Styling Demo 5

And since you can’t really read the quote in the college above….. This is one of my FAVE fashion quotes and I thought it would be go along with my demo perfectly.

Styling Demo 11

To start with, I thought it would be best to start from the beginning. I talked about the Wardrobe Basics and some ideas on how to style them.

Styling Demo

Styling Demo 6

Styling Demo 7

I then talked about how they can add some color to their wardrobe using the Color Wheel as a guide. I taught them how to mix colors with the Color Wheel by showing them what colors are Complimentary, Split Complimentary, Triad and Accented Colors.


I shared with them what this year’s Spring Trends are and then demoed how to style them by mixing them with pieces they might already have in their closet. This is where I used the coat rack to demo outfit ideas.

Styling Demo 2

Styling Demo 8

Styling Demo 9

I demoed how they can expand their wardrobe by just mixing up the look of a single piece.

Styling Demo 12

I also shared a few more styling tips and ideas with them that I plan to share on my blog in future posts, so stay tuned….. 😉

After my demo, each of my friends had some amazing treats to share.

My friend Andrea had the most adorable high heel cup cakes made for the ladies who came.

Styling Demo 3

And she even let me take one home for myself. I just LOVE the lil pearls it had on it.

Styling Demo 4

My friend Katia had her daughter make the most delicious Brazilian (cuz Katia is Brazilian) fudgy/caramely lil balls of goodness. Me being a big dumby though, I completely spaced taking pics of them…. :/ She said try some and that was it, pics were never thought about. All I could think about was how good they were! Just know they were delicious!


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