Slip Extenders

I few weeks ago I entered a blogger contest for Sexy Modest Boutique to try to win some Free clothes to style on my blog. I didn’t win the contest, but they offered me an opportunity to become and affiliate with them. After looking over their site and seeing all the ADORABLE pieces they have, I decided, SURE!!!

The first thing that caught my eye on their site were all the colors of Slip Extenders they have. I’ve had several dresses just hanging out in my closet cuz they’re just a little shorter than I prefer. I’ve been meaning to get me a Slip Extender to go with them, but the I haven’t been able to find much color selection or a price I was happy with. Usually all I can ever find for colors are Black or White. Sexy Modest has Charcoal, Black, White/Ivory, Navy, Mocha/Nude, Brown, Yellow, Jade, Silver, Lavender, Pink and Fuchsia. Usually Slip Extenders are priced around $35+, Sexy Modest Slip Extenders are priced at just $28.99.

I decided to start with some basic colors (black and navy) that can go with everything, but I eventually plan on adding some more colors to add a lil excitement to my wardrobe.

The navy Slip Extender perfectly compliments my maroon dress. I like how it adds just a couple extra inches to the dress so I feel comfortable wearing it. Plus the lace adds that lil something extra to my outfit.

Navy Slip Extender 2

I paired the dress with my Navy Cardigan. I like how it tied in the Slip Extender to my outfit.

Navy Slip Extender

I love the way this black dress fits, but again it’s just a little too short for my liking. The black Slip Extender added that couple extra inches to make the dress comfortable for me to wear.

Black Slip Extender 2

I’m so excited that I can finally wear some of my FAVE dressed in my closet! I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe!

P.S. Can you tell I’m really into flats these days?!?! Lol

Black Slip Extender

I tried the Slip Extenders with a full skirt, but I didn’t like it as much as with a pencil or A-line skirt/dress. With the lace being straight, I don’t think it looks quite right. I think for an A-line skirt, a fuller ruffle would look better. Sexy Modest did just come out with some new Slip Extenders though that have a little more full ruffle lace. I might have to try these next! 🙂

Slip Extender


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