2014 Spring Fashion Trends

Spring is officially JUST around the corner, so today I’d decided to talk about the year’s spring trends. Though you might not plan on wearing ALL the current fashion trends (I know I don’t), it is helpful to know what they are. That way you can decide which ones work for you and which ones don’t. Freshening up your current wardrobe with a few of the current fashion trends will keep you looking fresh and current.

This year’s spring fashion trends are: crop tops, pleated skirts, shirt dresses, floral prints, collared shirts, and pastels. The trends I decided to work into my wardrobe are floral prints, collared shirts and pastels.

2014 Spring Fashion Trends


Accessories are the easiest and least expensive way to work the current trends into your wardrobe.

1. I’m really not one for floral prints, so I thought this cute floral print scarf would be a good place to start to get me used to the idea of wearing florals. I love the mint color mixed with the florals. This scarf works in both the pastels and the floral trends. I found this scarf at Payless.

2. I’ve actually had this pastel necklace in my wardrobe since last spring. I was excited to find out that it would work into this years springs trends (as if I really needed a reason to wear it)! I found this necklace at mark.

3. I love that this scarf has a subtle floral print. It’s a great way to work in the florals without a strong floral pattern. This scarf is new this season at mark.


Another way to update your current wardrobe is with tops. It’s best to check your current wardrobe before shopping to see which colors would work best with what you have already. Don’t be afraid to mix the pastels with the more vibrant colors already in your closet.

4. I found this basic pastel tee for just 6 bucks and since purples are one of my FAVE colors, I decided it would work great to work a pastel purple into my wardrobe. A basic tee is so versatile because it can be dressed up or down. I found this one at a local boutique called Torey’s Trends.

5. I wasn’t sure about wearing a floral top till I came across this one on Poshmark for just 9 bucks! YES!!! 9 BUCKS!!!! I like that it incorporated the floral and collared shirt trends. Plus it has two of my FAVES, polka dots and chambray!

6. And finally, I like the idea of being able to create several outfits with a cardigan, so I went with a pastel pink one because it would work with other colors already in my wardrobe. I found this one at another local boutique, Bella Me.

Be sure to stay tuned to see how I work these trends into what I already have in my wardrobe.


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