Amy’s Closet Makeover

I’ve been talking to my beautiful, sweet cousin Amy for a while about coming over to her house and helping her go through her closet and put outfit ideas together. Well, yesterday we finally got together.

P.S. Sorry for the kinda blurry pics! I didn’t realize how blurry they were till it was too late. Note to self: Next time, make sure the lighting is good where you are taking the pics.

Can I just say we had a BLAST!!! She has WAY more options than she realized! It was so much fun helping her see all the potential she has in her closet. Every outfit we created were from items she already had in her closet.

To start out, I had her show me an outfit that she’d wear to work. She paired her magenta knit top with a brown layering tee, a pendant necklace, black slacks and wedges.

Work Outfit

I then took the same top she used and showed her how to add visual interest to her outfit. I paired it with her blue layering tee, printed chiffon scarf, khaki jacket, tan slacks and black flats

Reworked Work Outfit

And now for a side-by-side comparison.

Before and After Work Oufit

Next I asked her to show me a casual outfit. Something she’d wear on a date. She chose a blue, cowl neck top, with her dark wash denim jeans and brown wedges.

CasualDate Night

This time, I used the same dark denim jeans and paired it with her white tee, denim jacket, black flats and a gorgeous little necklace she was given as a gift, but never worn. She wasn’t quite sure how to wear it and has had locked away for years. Sorry, I meant to get some close ups of it to show you just how gorgeous it is, but I forgot. 😦

Reworked CasualDate Night

And now a side-by-side comparison of these outfits.

BeforeAfter CasualDate Night Outfit

After that, we had fun putting outfits together with some of the other items she has in her closet.

Pink with Print Skirt

Leather Jacket and Slacks

Kahki Jacket and Skirt

Denim and Pink

Denim and Black Pencil Skirt

Our next step is to do a lil shopping for some closet essentials and updates. WOO HOO!!! Thanks for allowing me to do this with you Amy! I had so much fun! 🙂

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