To Belt or Not To Belt

To belt or not to belt, that is the question.

Have you ever thought about how something as simple as a belt can completely change the look of an outfit? I personally love the way that a simple belt can transform a whole outfit.

For example, without a belt, you have a casual, open cardigan look.

Mustard and Camo

Camo,Mustard Yellow and Boots

With a belt, you have a totally different casual look. Everything is exactly the same as the first outfit, but with the added belt. The look is completely different and you’ve expanded your outfit possibilities.


Mustard Cardigan

And for a side-by-side comparison of the two.

Belt or Not to Belt

To Belt or Not To Belt

Top – Old Navy, Cardigan – Bella Me Boutique Logan, Belt – Piperlime, Jeans – DownEast, Boots – Ross, All Jewelry, Watch, Makeup, Hair Products – Avon/Mark Boutique by Jill


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