Expand Your Wardrobe

So, you wish you had more outfits to wear, but don’t have any money to buy new clothes? Well then, let me share a lil secret with ya! With just a few simple accessories in your closet, you can COMPLETELY change-up the look of any outfit! Think of things like a belt, a jacket (denim or a traditional black blazer), 2 or 3 different necklaces, earrings and bracelets, and a pair of boots and heels. I’ll show you how by changing up the look of the exact same dress, just by changing the accessories.

For the first look, I’ll start with the traditional way of styling a dress. Which is a pair of cute heels, necklace, bracelet and earrings. Very classic and dressy!

  Simple Yellow Dress

Dress, Necklace – DownEast, Heels – Famous Footwear, Watch, Bracelet, Ring, Makeup, Hair Products – mark. Boutique by Jill

Now to completely change the look of the dress, add a belt, a pair of boots, a jacket and change up the jewelry. Exact same dress, but now you have a COMPLETELY new outfit! This look is a little more casual.

 Belt, Jacket, Boots

Dress, Jacket – DownEast, Boots – Famous Footwear, Belt – Piperlime, All Jewelry, Watch, Makeup, Hair Products – mark. Boutique by Jill

And now for a Side by Side comparison of the two looks…..

My FAVE is the belt and jacket look, which is yours?

Side by Side


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