Pattern Leggins

Pattern Leggins are a HUGE trend this season, so of course I HAD to get me a pair! You can get them either fleece lined or not. Since I live where it tends to get very COLD during the winter season, I prefer the fleece lined. Otherwise it feels more like your going outside in your bare legs! BRRRR….

Sweater with Print Leggins

I paired mine with a mark. throw back in my closet, my mark. olive-green sweatshirt. It’s from a couple of years ago, but it’s definitely still a FAVE in my closet! Plus I added my knit, mustard yellow scarf with a touch of shimmer.

Mustard Yellow Scarf

And then I paired them all with my cognac colored combat boots.

Spiked Combat Boots

And now to bring it all together…

Print Leggings

Leggins – DownEast (only available in DownEast Home and Clothing Stores), Scarf – Bella Me Boutique Logan, Boots – Ross, Sweatshirt, Makeup and Hair Products – mark. Boutique by Jill


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