Restyled Sweater

I’ve been LOVIN’ all the sweater and button up combos I’ve seen on Pinterest lately, but didn’t think I had anything in my closet to create that look myself….until I dug deeper in my closet and came across my mark. sweater from last winter. It’s not quite like what I’ve been seeing on Pinterest, but that’s okay. I kinda like a different twist on the current trends.

Camo is a HUGE trend right now, both in my closet and in general. I tend to wear a lot of it lately. Combined with my mark. sweater, I thought it would create the perfect twist on the current sweater and button up trend.

Camo n Sweater 3

Along with my polka dot denim…

Camo n Sweater 2

….and combat inspired boots by mark.

Fashion Combat Boots

Not sure ’bout you, but I kinda like how this complete look turned out!

P.S. Please excuse the odd look on my face. The wind was blowing that day and I was having a hard time keeping my hair out of my face and mouth. This is the better of the two full outfit shots that I have. Didn’t realize I had funny looks on my face in the pics till I was uploading the them. Hahaha!  🙂

Camo n Boots

Button Up Top – Old Navy, Jeans – Kohl’s (LC Lauren Conrad), Sweater, Boots, Necklace, Watch, Gold Bangle, Earrings, Makeup and Hair Products – mark. Boutique by Jill, Wooden Bangle – my sister brought it back for me from her trip to Guatemala 🙂


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